Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

So, I found something called Boot Camp-supportsoftware 5.1.5621 on the Apple website. Fancy that, you install a whole package of drivers, including network drivers and everythings is fine. Sound is working, keyboard is working, mousepad is fine. I now have a perfect working Windows 10 on my Mac. Awesome.

Windows 10 on Macbook Pro

Finally, it happened. I got Windows on my Macbook Pro.

I am really not a big fan, or user, of the Mac OS X operating system, but the machine is nice. So why not have Windows on it. I have tried many times to go through the BootCamp wizard, but always failed in disk partitioning. Today I made the effort to Google it :-) Turns out, I had to run “chkdsk” on the drive.

What you do is press Command – S during startup, you log on as usual, and the OS enters a root commandline interface. Here you type “/sbin/fsck -fy” and when it is finished checking your drive, you type “reboot” to return to Mac OS X. Then I made it through the wizard. Windows 10 is now installed. I had to manually install the Broadcom 802.11ac Network adapter. Although the sound driver seems installed, there are no sound. Minor issue. Preview 10130 is installing and I look forward to enjoy my Windows 10 preview in 2880 * 1800 resolution. :-)

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As I start this blog, I feel a need to explain what it will be about. But frankly, I don’t know. I’m sure I will write about Windows 10, because I am really excited about a new Windows OS. I have been using DOS and Windows for more than 25 years. I use Windows at Work, and Windows have always been my favorite gaming platform. Of course I have been through an Apple phase – the iPad 2 is just awesome. iPad 2 changed the World, at least for people using the platform. But when it comes to Mac OS X, I Loose the “WOW” thing for Apple. Oh I am sure there are people who are productive on the Mac OS X platform, but not me. My platform is Windows. I have been so many exciting Places with Windows; the first feel of live tiles on a Windows Server was weird, loosing my SAN LUNs on the big SQL Server cluster and finding disk serial numbers via regedit was exciting, though full of fear.

I miss the old days in DOS fooling around with config.sys, autoexec.bat, moving soundcard to IRQ13. It was fun. Now I found fun again. Windows on small devices are fun. Intel Compute Stick is so small, and yet, it runs 1080p youtube without problems. I tried to put Windows 10 (IoT version) on a raspberry pi 2. Now I need to learn to program and get my first Hello World on th pi. Though I’m trained in Development, I have been working in operations my entire career. I think exploring Windows 10 will be fun, and one way to explore will be through a C# compiler; wish me luck. 😉